Printable Philly Gritty Gift Tags

Sunday, December 16, 2018

I enjoyed the printable gift tags from TheBeautyDojo that I used last year, so much so that I've designed my own this year! Much inspiration taken from a variety of sources on etsy, but then recombined with other bits and bobs from the rest of the Internet to form this unique masterpiece.

I can't be the only one overcome with Gritty fever, can I?! These Gritty gift tags are pretty niche, but ever since the Slate article, "The Great Seal Is Undone, the Sevenfold Door Has Been Opened, and the Time of the Philadelphia Flyers’ New Mascot, Gritty, Has Come at Last!", I can't get enough creepy Gritty. "He sees when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake" is also the perfect companion quote to an image of the orange beast.

Here's .jpg versions of the front/back. You can print them two-sided (they do align if the paper feeds through the printer properly), but you need to be sure to not scale the image, otherwise it'll end up being offset! You could also just print the front-side, and write your own to/from on the plain backside. Whatever works for you!

You'll note that the Gritty gift tags in the photos differ slightly than the ones I'm sharing here. Sometimes my reproductions are a little too reproduced to share ;)


Dan said...

yay yay yay

may your holidays be gritty and bright

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