Tea Time

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Somehow, I have finally run out of tea from my tea sampling subscriptions (years of them!). This called for some new tea. Normally I wait until a Pittsburgh trip to go to Margaret's, but that trip is a long way off, so I went with Adagio. Here's just a photo/review dump of teas I've been enjoying lately.

Earl Grey Moonlight

From Adagio. This one is essentially a cream earl grey, which is a classic favorite of mine. Preferred to the more citrus-y earl greys, but I pretty much love all the earl greys.

Rose Black Tea

From Margaret's Tea in Pittsburgh. One of my favorites, I always get a bit of this when I'm in Pittsburgh. Old lady-ish, but delicious. I drink all my tea black, but this is a nice one to add a bit of milk to, it brings out the rose more.
Rose Black Tea

Cream Black Tea

From Adagio. I tried this cream black tea, because I liked the vanilla black tea so much...but I think I prefer the vanilla to this one. Still tasty.
Cream Black Tea

Thai Tea

From Adagio. Margaret's has a thai tea that makes a fantastic iced tea. I haven't tried this Adagio version iced, but it's pretty good hot. 'Would probably prefer a bit less coconut and a bit more star anise.
Thai Tea

Aries (Chai) Tea

From Adagio. This is a standard pepper-based chai black tea. Lotsa spice.
Aries Chai Tea

Pomegranate Green Tea

From Adagio. I'm just...not a fan of fruity green teas. I prefer my green teas super green or jasmine.
Pomegranata Green Tea


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