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Sunday, July 28, 2019

As a follow-up to the Art I'm Digging post, which essentially described artwork I was about to procure, here is a post summing up the artwork I keep around. Years of etsy purchases, Adobe Illustrator new pieces, and random life acquisitions.

  1. I love Michelle Armas' 'Secret Garden' print so much, I have two copies of it. The large canvas, and a smaller print. It's good to have some art with some heft to it!
    Furnishing the Living Room (somewhat)
  2. 4 Seasons in Pittsburgh, inspired by Ryan Kapp's Chicago-version. Done in Adobe Illustrator.
    Repaint - Dining Room
  3. A collection of J's great-grandfathers' paintings have been following us around since Pittsburgh, and we just had the ocean painting framed, so it finally looks finished. I like these pieces together as a little mini-gallery. The landscape paintings just feel right together.
    Repaint - Office
  4. I made the Robert-Indiana-inspired "Love" painting awhile back, with some inspiration from ApartmentTherapy. Back when blogging was in its heyday! It's been recently framed and looks snazzier than ever!
    Handmade Frames for Paintings
  5. The Umbra Wood Shadow Wall Clock was a wedding gift, and looks appropriate in the mid-century corner of the living room.
    Peace Lily with Too Much Sun
  6. Long before everyone on etsy was producing floral lungs prints, I acquired this version from etsy/tinyartshop. I reframed it recently in a square frame with a mat, and it looks lovely on the blue walls of the office.
  7. I also like to group a couple vintage mirrors together. These two are currently being stored in the new guestroom.

  8. My Pittsburgh skyline wood routing is from etsy/DMWR, and now sits above my monitor in my work office. Some nice subtle texture on the wall.
    Pittsburgh Skyline Wood Carving

  9. You don't see my Philadelphia Museum of Art poster of Dali's Girl at a Window, mostly because I've kept it at my work office since 2009 or so. It's a nice addition of a fake window.
    Bedroom, from SE corner

  10. Another bit of office artwork, one of these Islamic geometry prints from Jeaamirza Arts reminds me of all the Islamic tile I've encountered. Plus, pretty geometry!
  11. Awhile back, I purchased these four Berkley Illustration prints from etsy, and then later found them in UrbanOutfitters. The exact same thing happened for the Secret Garden print. I was on a roll back then. The suited animal prints were a gift for J before we moved in together, now they chill in our new guestroom.
    Bedroom from window


rooth said...

Bryan's grandma is a watercolourist and we have her art ALL around the house. It's quite fun to have something personal from family

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