Preparing the Garden for Winter

Sunday, April 5, 2020

In-ground Garden in January
At the end of the growing season, there's work to be done to prepare the garden for its best next season! This includes:

Harvesting the onions.
Harvesting onions.
Removing the deer netting.
Deer Netting Removed
Clearing out the weeds, dead perennials, etc. Trimming the dead growth of the asparagus ferns.
Remove dead perennials (i.e., basil)
Laying compost on the asparagus beds, and organic matter or autumn leaves everywhere else.
Fall Prep - Compost on volunteer asparagus
Putting down some quick decomposing weedblock, like cardboard.
Entire Garden in January
Planting the hardneck garlic in the non-critter-protected beds (no one eats garlic/onions).
Fall Prep - Adding organic matter to onion beds
Planting the fall bulbs. Alliums. Checkered lillies. More alliums. Bearded irises were planted in August.
Fall Prep - Planting Alium
Moving the chives (rearranging for spring) and transplanting the fall veggies.
Fall Prep - Moving Chives Transplant seedlings


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