Indoor Seed-starting

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Initial planting in the indoor seed-starting set-up.
Back in early April, as a means to get through my social distancing birthday, I put together an indoor seed-starting set-up to get a headstart on the garden. It also makes getting through winter a bit better, as you get to watch the seedlings grow super fast!

The set-up is just an LED shop light, a heat mat, a small fan, and some seed-growing trays with lids. Nothin fancy, nothing expensive. Yet effective.

Indoor seed-starting supplies

I started with Magnolia tendril snap peas, cascadia snap peas, jewel-toned nasturtium, Red giant mustard, garlic chives (which I can never seem to get to grow), Bright lights rainbow chard, Purple Cherokee tomatoes, long purple eggplant, and sweet basil.

Seedlings, 1 week after planting
One week after planting
Seedlings, 2 weeks after planting
Two weeks after planting
Magnolia Sugar Snap Peas, 2.5 weeks after planting
2.5 weeks after planting

This planting was later followed up by the summer & winter squashes: acorn squash (which was slow to grab life), hubbard squash, butternut squash, grey zucchini, and Benning's tint patty pan squash. These are some real chonks:
The summer & winter squashes, a week or so after planting
Assorted Squashes + Rainbow Chard + Red Giant Mustard
Squashes + Peas + Nasturtium
Hardening Off the Indoor Seedlings

I now store my seeds in a couple air-tight jars in the fridge, in the hopes that the seeds themselves will last longer. I'm working on seed saving, but it's some times nice to have a little stockpile so one doesn't have to worry too much about
Seed Storage in the Fridge

I also made my last seed purchase in mid-March, shortly before the NYTimes' article on 'Panic-buying comes for the seeds', so I was quite well stocked before everyone went out of stock.
Early Social Distancing Purchases


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