Tea Review: Late Summer Teas

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Ah, tea reviews. Posts I write for myself moreso than for anyone else. A searachable way to remember which teas I liked and which I was less enthusiastic about. This batch is from my late summer order. I have a few more to get through (like a comparison between milk oolong and pouchong...)

Kentucky Bourbon Black Tea

From Adagio. This is honestly more a winter tea than a summer tea, and since we're now into late October it's perfect. I've gone through much of the rest of the teas below, and was holding onto this one for cooler weather. Quite smokey from the lapsang souchong and keemun, but with a good deal of sweetness. This one is...interesting. There's a lot going on.
Kentucky Bourbon Black Tea

Golden Monkey

From Adagio. I've had Golden Monkey from elsewhere. It's a great, beautiful, falvorful black tea without any additions. REbrews very nicely. It's also a little pricier, likely for all these reasons. Definitely worth a re-purchase when in the mood for a somewhat fruity, unflavored black tea.
Golden Monkey Tea

Peach Matcha

From Adagio. Tea supplier had a sale on peach teas, end up with some unusual peach teas...This was good for a non-strict matcha drinker. I wouldn't go out of my way to order it though! Matcha in general is great for a good boost of energy for hour 5 of Zoom meetings!
Matcha Peach Tea

Ginger Peach Black Tea

From Adagio. Part of that aforementioned peach tea sale. The ginger is very subtle, and I pick up faint vanilla notes. Overall, a good tea, not necessarily one to seek out as there's so many on the "good tea" threshhold!
Ginger Peach Tea

Turmeric Bliss

From Adagio. This herbal tea makes a punchy decaffeinated iced tea for summer! Also good hot. Is worth a purchase if you want to add a strong turmeric flavoring to your decaff options.
Turmeric Bliss Tisane

Honeybush Blueberry Pancake

From Adagio. I dunno, I had to try this rooisbos-esque decaff option. It's much improved with a bit of maple syrup to enhance its existing maple-ness. I think I like it alright as a dessert tea. Might try their banana nut rooibos next, though.
Honeybush Blueberry Pancake Tea

Chocolate Truffle Black Tea

From Adagio. This was supposed to be super chocolate-y, but I can still barely taste the chocolate. I think their Vanilla Black tea is a far better option for a dessert tea.
Chocolate Truffle Tea


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