Pandemic Flying

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Flying in the Airplane

In nutty things I never thought I'd say, we bought an airplane.

It has, in this era of social distancing, opened up the travel possibilities.

View from airplane from far above

J has been working on his private pilot's license and passed the rigorous exam awhile back. To help him continue in his studies and certifications, we purchased a little, old, single engine plane. Turns out, buying an airplane is cheaper than renting one, in the long run.

Flying in the Airplane

We do take the dog with us, as one does. She has mixed feelings about it.

Dog looking nervous in airplane Happy dog flying in the airplane

I feel very fortunate to have the means to do this. It's opened up a world of connection to our typically rural, isolated living in the mountains.

Valley view from airplane

You really should not get into a small single engine plane if you are ever, at all, afraid of flying. You feel much nearer to death in a tiny plane (not that it's going to happen, but that it's a possibility - small planes are generally very safe, provided you follow all the guidelines). The other thing to know is that air travel in these tiny planes is very weather-dependent, particularly as J is only certified for Visual Flight Rules. He's working toward Instrument flying, but we're not there yet. So, at the moment, any arrival/departure estimate is +/- 4 days, lol.

Happy dog flying in the airplane


rainmelon said...

The little-known sequel to We Bought A Zoo =p.

Skepticism aside, Pixel looks fetching in her ear protection.

rooth said...

That's the cutest thing ever. I hope y'all are having fun flying! Bryan is a pilot (for his job) and I still haven't gone up in the air with him at the controls lol

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