Success: Honey-sweetened Raspberry Jam

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Food in Jars' honey-sweetened raspberry preserves

A new preserve, Food in Jars' Honey-sweetened raspberry preserves. I had 3/5 the rapsberries, so with that reduced quantity, I was able to get it to thicken up to the jam consistency. So this is likely jam rather than preserves. The leftovers tasted pretty delicious! I've never preserved raspberries as they're usually pretty pricey. But a modest sale let me buy a handful of packages (2 of the big ones).

Food in Jars' honey-sweetened raspberry preserves and whole strawberries in vanilla syrup

I made the raspberry preserves at the same time as a new, double batch of Food in Jars' whole strawberries in vanilla syrup. I LOOOOOOVE these preserves in plain yogurt. And the syrup in sparkling water...Very good, and I'm happy to be restocked for the next year now!


rainmelon said...

Oh my gosh, seriously stocked! Definitely need to get on the pint of strawberries I have to make some shrubs ... and will probably also be using the leftover fruit atop yogurt =).

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