Making Felt Swiss Chard

Friday, August 13, 2021

Making Felt Chard Making Felt Chard

I really like this colorful, structural leafy green. A Rainbow Swiss Chard! Or rather, if it's just one, this is a red Swiss Chard. But with a whole bunch in different shades of reds, greens, oranges, and yellows, you could have a really nice effect (like the inspiration tutorial).

This is the only leafy green I've made, although my real garden also has varying lettuces as well as kale. There's some good options for more, simpler leafy greens from Hawk Hill - How to make a felt food salad play set and One Inch World - Felt Lettuce Tutorial.

This pattern is inspired by this WebArchived post from Rhythm of the Home - Play Rainbow Swiss Chard.

  1. Print the pattern below without scaling.
  2. Cut out the pieces in the quantities listed in the pattern.
  3. Machine-sew a rather wide straight stitch from the top to bottom of the leaf. Back-stitch only one of the ends (i.e. the top)!
  4. Pull one of the threads of this seam to ruffle the leaf to a desired amount.
  5. Line up the two stem pieces on either side of the leaf (pins are helpful here). Sew ~3 seams in the form of leaf veins horizontally across the leaf and the stem.
  6. Machine sew a long, thin rectangle in the middle of the stem pieces, attaching them together. But leave the bottom open at the moment!
  7. Push a pipe cleaner or wire between the two stem pieces to give it some structure.
  8. Sew the bottom of the stem closed.

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