Getting Away for July 4th: New River Gorge

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Canoeing at Summersville Lake

I celebrated the July 4th holiday by running away to New River Gorge National River (in West Virginia) with a bunch of friends. We camped, hiked the Kaymoor Top/Bottom Trail, swam in freezing creeks and temperate lakes, went canoeing, and somehow ran into a bunch of colleagues 4 hours away from where we all work! Next time we might try the area's famous whitewater rafting and/or rock climbing. Or maybe a mud obstacle course with water park. Our friends were also really pumped about the Mystery Hole (See the laws of gravity defied!) and Biscuit World. So there's, uh, a lot of stuff to do down there, whether you're easily entertained or not.

Fayetteville July 4th Carnival

Without cell phones and internet service, it was about as relaxing a weekend as one could imagine. 'Hope yours was the same :)

Sun & Smoke Kaymoor Bottom Leaf
Fayetteville, WV Fireworks Canoeing at Summersville Lake
Shoeses. Dinnertime Campfire
Looking Up 820 Stairs Kaymoor Bottom Fern Kaymoor Trail at the New River Gorge


Kris said...

That sounds like a great weekend! I need to plan one like that soon. I've been meaning to all summer... :)

h said...

Yeah, it was pretty awesome...and the 4th of July in West Virginia is always a special experience, heh.

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