Success: Gaufres de Liege (Liege Belgian Waffles)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gaufres de Liege (Liege Belgian Waffles)

Not your average diner "Belgian" waffles here. These Gaufres de Liege from TheKitchn are sugar-crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside. A lot closer to genuine Belgian waffles than one normally gets. Definitely will make again.
Gaufres de Liege (Liege Belgian Waffles)

We eat these with our hands. Sometimes with powdered sugar, sometimes without. They're so tasty/buttery/sugary that syrup is really not necessary.
Gaufres de Liege (Liege Belgian Waffles)

(P.S. If you want authentic Liege/Belgian waffles in the Pittsburgh area you should head to Point Brugge Cafe for brunch. And treat yourself to some authentic frites as well.)


{Ashley} said...

These are the exact replicas of the waffles we had at Waffalonia. I'm sure powdered sugar is a fine topping, but I couldn't eat one without smearing some Nutella on top. :)

We've gone to Park Bruges, but never Point Brugge Cafe. I should probably do a review sometime! Ha.

h said...

Not quite an *exact* replica. The Waffalonia waffles are somewhere between these Liege waffles and a standard 'Belgian waffle' you'd get at an IHOP. These in the post come out slightly denser, usually.

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