Success: Homemade Power Bars

Friday, May 20, 2011

Homemade Power Bars

You see those sugary delicious homemade power bars above? I made that. And if they weren't so darn sweet, I'd recommend you follow my substitutions. However, that is not the case. If you do not have brown rice syrup, I suggest you find some, because honey is just way too sweet of a substitution.

Cutting the Homemade Power Bars

These are Homemade Power Bars, recipe from TheKitchn. I recommend experimenting with swapping out other ingredients, especially the fruit and cereal. For this version, dried pineapple chunks were switched for the candied ginger, and used crushed Kix for the cereal.

GIANT Homemade Power Bar

I found that the honey doesn't really keep the bars in one piece. They tend to fall apart on the way to your mouth, so you might want to stick with the less sugary brown rice syrup. Otherwise, these homemade power bars are totally tasty and really quick/easy.


Unknown said...

Ummm. Yummmmm. (Nice touch with the ginger) Good thing I just had breakfast, or I'd be really jealous right now. :)

Julie said...

I've been making granola like mad lately -- this looks like the perfect thing to try next!

h said...

Yeah, I can't wait to try out other ingredients...or make my own granola. Fun stuff!

Stephanie said...

These look yummy! I've been looking for a power bar and/or granola bar recipe. :)

PS - thanks for the kale tip. I'll have to try that spice with my next batch!

nancy said...

nomnomnom! these look incredible!

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