Foodie Camping Jefferson Lake State Park

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dinner #2

A clay shooting excursion clearly must be accompanied by some wilderness camping and this need was sated by a deserted Jefferson Lake State Park. Friday night we had about 15 primitive campsites to ourselves which, if you've ever been crowded camping, you know is really, really nice. Saturday night a few more people showed up, but the campgrounds were still rather empty.

Food was a major focus, as the four of us feasted on maple-apple or garlic-wine chicken sausages, kielbasa, mushroom & pepper fajitas, gaufres de Liege, homemade vanilla-honey marshmallows, and, of course, Biscuit World (no camping trip is complete without it!).

We even got a little ~5 mile hike in, taking the Hillside Trail down to Jefferson Lake (aka "Poop Lake", thanks to the geese) and then the Beaver Dam Trail back up to the campgrounds.

The major downside to Jefferson Lake State Park is the fact that it is near nothing. Although, this is probably a main force keeping the camping crowds at bay. Well, that and the existence of KOA-like campgrounds like nearby Austin Lake. Overall, it was a nice graduation weekend camping outing for the group. It's not a celebration unless you're starting fires 2x a day!

A Deserted Jefferson Lake State Park
Adolescent Canada Geese
Jefferson Lake
Abandoned Picnic Table
Large claws?
Cardboard Box Fire
Campfire-toasted homemade vanilla honey marshmallows
Up and away!


Unknown said...

Happy Graduation, my friend! Sounds like a great way to celebrate. Marshmallows always equals happy! :)

Stephanie said...

Sounds like fun!! Homemade marshmallows are pretty much the best. :-)

rooth said...

The food looks pretty amazing - and kudos to you for camping. That's something I could never get into

Nicole said...

Looks like a nice time. This just reminds me that I have to make sure I fit some camping into my summer this year. I haven't camped in two years and I miss it.

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