Um...Clay Shooting, Anyone?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shooting at the overlook

A LivingSocial offer to Island Creek Sporting Clays brought a bunch of us to spending an afternoon in Ohio aiming at helpless clays shot into the sky, some more randomly than others. Let's just say you don't want me shooting point on your zombie apocalypse survival team. Nonetheless, it was fun, and with minimal shoulder-bruising!

I had shot rifles before, but this was my first time firing shotguns and moving targets, which is interesting, despite my propensity to "think too much". I'm kind of a fan of how LivingSocial, GroupOn, etc. get people out and about and trying activities they wouldn't normally do without some prodding. Every once in awhile, I'm one of those people prodded out into the real world, too :)

Island Creek Sporting Clays, test grounds
Happy puppeh
Shooting clays at Island Creek Sporting Clays


Unknown said...

so much fun! I need to do more of this myself.

missris said...

I really like Groupon/Living Social/etc because it gets me to spend money on things I'd otherwise deem too expensive or superfluous. Most of the tours and things I did in Chicago were purchased on one of those two sites and it was such a great way to explore the city.

rooth said...

I've never been before but it seems like a hell of a lot of fun!

Jamie said...

I'm terrible at it - but it is fun.

SARAH said...

I'm so impressed! I've always thought I would be terrible at this but secretly thought the old school British women who shoot clay pigeons in the movies were pretty badass.

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