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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lavender Picking at Graysmarsh Farms in Sequim, WA
A couple weekends ago I learned that there are a lot of ferries in the Puget Sound area. As in, when you search for directions to get home from the Olympic Peninsula, Google Maps gives you the top three results and they each involve a different ferry. Sadly, we had just spent all our money on berries, lavender, and honey so we had to take the land route on our way back, through Tacoma.

Anyways! Whoever decided that U-Pick berry farms should also have lavender, was genius. Graysmarsh Farms in Sequim (pronounced 'squim') had raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and loganberries. It had fields of strawberries that smelt so good, we nearly hyperventilated. We ate berries until the sugar rush took us to lavender-picking, and picked lavender until we realized we were actually picking bees. So, so many bees. I spent the last of our remaining cash monies on a jar of local honey, which now sits prominently on my desk for when it strikes me to build up my resistance to local pollen allergens.

This was a tremendously good day.

Golden Grains
Blackberry Picking at Graysmarsh Farms
Loganberry Picking
Pastel Blueberries
Blueberry Picking
Lavender Picking at Graysmarsh Farms in Sequim, WA
Lavender Picking at Graysmarsh Farms in Sequim, WA
Lavender Picking at Graysmarsh Farms in Sequim, WA
Waiting for the Kingston-Edmonds Ferry
Seaweed Feet


missris said...

It appears as though you are having way too much fun on the other side of the country. Pittsburgh would like you back now, you know. We have u-pick here too, I think :)

Jamie said...

What a beautiful place! I miss those ferries to everywhere.

Stephanie said...

SO BEAUTIFUL! And now I'm craving raspberries.

Jim said...

Here here, missris!

rooth said...

Oh that's incredible - fields of lavender so close by! And I always thought you had to go to France for that

Stephanie said...

Such pretty photos!!! And local honey is pretty much the best. It's ruined me for store-bought honey. Same goes for berries (and jam made from said berries). I haven't made it to the farmers' market lately, so I caved and got Smuckers earlier this week. It just isn't the same. :-(

Jenny said...

I love Sequim lavender farms - but I have yet to go to one with other fruit! Thanks for the link, I may go monday! :)

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