Scotland: Edinburgh

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Edinburgh Castle

I have completed the second of three summer trips! I should really start taking under/over bets on how many airplane movies I've seen since April (hint: it's a lot). But I'm not complaining. If companies, universities, and families want to pay my expenses to send me someplace awesome, why would I complain? (That being said, I've been spending too much time in airports lately, I just need people to start booking my rides on private jets, ahahahahahaha)

This time around, I went with my immediate family plus my uncle to Scotland for ~11 days. We spent 5 nights in Edinburgh, 1 in Carnoustie, 3 in Inverness, and 1 outside of the airport. This trip was enjoyable on another level for me, as I once spent a summer living in Edinburgh so I was able to see all the sites I used to walk by on a daily basis, while also playing tour guide for my party of 7.

In Edinburgh, we saw Edinburgh Castle, walked the Royal Mile, visited John Knox's House, climbed Arthur's Seat, and drank a lot of whisky. We took a day trip out to the Scottish Seabird Centre where we saw puffins and gannets. Another day we visited Rosslyn Chapel which was truly amazing, and stopped at Glenkinchie Scotch Distillery on our way back. We may not have made it all the way out to the West Coast on this trip, but we sure saw a lot!

View of Edinburgh
Kilts on the Royal Mile
The Royal Mile
Climbing Arthur's Seat
Stop. It's Bobby Time.
Rosslyn Chapel
Scottish Seabird Center in North Berwick


My Garden Diaries said...

Thanks for taking us along on your beautiful trip!!! I wouldn't be complaining either! Just awesome!!!

Nic's Notebook said...

I love Edinburgh, haven't been for a good few years though!

rooth said...

I am totally with you on having watched WAY too many airplane movies. Then again, it is the best time to catch on those movies that you probably wouldn't watch but maybe have a slight interest in. Or those totally crappy ones that you feel guilty paying to watch :)

Jillian said...

Edinburgh is on my list of places to see. It just looks so gorgeous.

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