Step Two & Three: Backing & Hexagon Quilt Sandwich

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Somewhat smooth, Basted Quilt

After taking nearly three years to complete step one of the hexagon quilt (hand-piecing the top), it's only fitting that it took two attempts to complete step three: basting the quilt sandwich. And I have the blisters on my fingers to show for my efforts.

It's called a "quilt sandwich" because you're loosely attaching the quilt top to the batting to the backing. Three layers = a sandwich. Oh, those clever quilters!

Lessons Learned.
Do not bother hand-basting in a space that is too small for your quilt. When basting, pick up several stitches first before pulling the whole length of the thread through. It's probably best not to pre-shrink, so that any wrinkles incorporated during the basting stage might be passed off as old-timey quilt shrinkage.

An Example of Not Enough Room to Baste
Step 1: Baste in too small space.

All the Thread from the First Basting, Undone
Step 2: Undo all the baste stitches because you basted in wrinkles.

Secure Clean Surface
Step 3: Cover warehouse ground in paper.

Tape Quilt Backing Down
Step 4: Attach safety pins to the center point of each edge of backing, batting, and top (12 pins total). Step 5: Tape quilt backing to ground.

Center Batting Over Quilt Backing
Step 6: Center batting (Warm & Natural, part cotton part polyster because) over backing, using safety pins as guide.

Center Quilt Top Over Batting & Backing
Step 7: Place quilt top centered over batting, using safety pins as guide for center points.

Baste Stitches
Step 8: Baste three layers in a 12" grid pattern, one quadrant at a time.

Somewhat smooth, Basted Quilt
Step 9: Marvel at the miracle that is a nearly smooth quilt sandwich.

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