Isosceles Triangle Quilt Coordinating Pillowcases

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Triangle-edged pillowcases for triangle quilt
I mentioned I had leftover triangles from my isosceles triangle quilt top. So I turned some of them into this coordinating pillowcase (ran out of 'iron' Kona cotton, and none of the local JoAnn's have had it in stock for a month). Fancy triangle trim.

I followed this Magic Pillowcase Tutorial from Organize Your Stuff Now. But instead of using contrasting fabric, I used some leftover isosceles triangle rows cut to 9" X 45". Also, I apparently accidentally cut some of my iron-grey fabric meant for this project into 6.5" wide strips, so I put them back together using French seams. I did not trim that initial 1/4" seam for one of these pillowcases, which I definitely should have. You should, too.

So, French seams + magic pillowcase tutorial means...there are no visible frayed edges on the inside of this pillowcase. Pretty magical indeed.

Inside Out Pillowcase - No frayed edges!
DIY'ed Pillowcase with contrast fabric
Triangle-edged pillowcases for triangle quilt

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My Garden Diaries said...

That is brilliant! It looks beautiful paired with your quilt and is so unique! Lovely work lady!

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