King-sized Triangle TARDIS Quilt: Complete!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I friggin' love this beautiful, sloppy quilt.
Z Enjoying the New Triangle Quilt
And how it coordinates perfectly with the backside of the hexagon quilt.
King-Sized TARDIS Isosceles Triangle Quilt
And its ambiance of a modern log cabin.
Side of the Triangle Quilt
And the matching pillowcases.
Triangle Quilt with Matching Pillowcases
And TARDIS undersides.
Back of the Isosceles Triangle TARDIS Quilt
Z loves the quilt, too.
Cat Yawn on the New Quilt
What a meatball.
Z Enjoying the New Triangle Quilt
  1. How To: Cut Isosceles Triangles Without Templates 10/13/2013
  2. How To: Assemble an Isosceles Triangle Quilt Top 10/16/2013
  3. Step 1: Isosceles Triangle Quilt Top Completed 10/18/13
  4. TARDIS Applique 10/27/13
  5. Coordinating Pillowcases for the Isosceles Triangle Quilt 11/6/13
  6. Step 2: Isosceles Triangle Quilt Backing Assembly 3/18/15
  7. Step 3: Isosceles Triangle Quilt Sandwich-ing 4/1/15
  8. Attaching the TARDIS Applique 4/8/15
  9. Step 4: Machine Quilting the Isosceles Triangle Quilt 4/15/15
  10. How To: Continuous Double Bias Binding Strips 4/22/15
  11. Step 5: Binding the Isosceles Triangle Quilt 4/29/15
  12. A Review of the Isosceles Triangle Quilt 5/6/15


Nicole said...

Oh it's fantastic!! Great job!

missris said...

Dizzy cat approves, is adorable doing so.

rooth said...

Def loving the hidden TARDIS!

JHNickodemus said...

Fantastic! Love it!

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