Starched Fabric Mondrian Decal

Monday, July 7, 2008

The left is a quick design I sketched up in MSpaint of a Piet-Mondrian-inspired (see Composition with red, yellow, blue, and black) fabric starch wall art, that I mentioned the other day. It's going in my friend's living room, behind the main tv-sofa.

The fabric we bought (I think it was country cotton?) unravels quickly, even when starched. So it begins unraveling before the decal is even stuck to the wall. Also, I think doing large squares is a bad idea because it's nearly impossible to push out all the air bubbles.

Overall, it looks okay, but it has a certain shaggy appearance to it. I think we'd be better off sticking to small folk decals.

How To: Starched Fabric Wall Decals

I would do a more extensive post on this "how-to", but the process is already well documented here.


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