How To: Cardstock Table Tents

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How To: Table Tents Tutorial!
So much paper, so little time. It is far, far cheaper to print paper goods on your own. Especially for little one-off projects like these 'table tents'.

  1. Print off your table tent design (onto cardstock, preferably). Below I've included a sample design for a 'Cards' and 'Gifts' table tent and also a blank template that has all the folding and cutting guides you need. For a table tent made on letter paper, the ideal length is 11" with 1.75" on either end being dedicated to the base. The paper is first cut in half, yielding a table tent that is 4.25" wide.
    Table Tent Printable for Cards and Gifts Table Tent Template
  2. Gather up your supplies, which in this case should include: your printed design, an Xacto knife, cutting mat, Xacto guide (metal ruler), pencil, and a bone folder
    Step 1: Print Design, Cut in Half
  3. Cut your design in half, along the cutting guide and then cut the notch along the provided guide (there are two notches on either end)
    Step 2: Cut the Base Slit on both sides
  4. Use a pencil to transfer the three folding marks to the back of the cardstock, and then use the bone folder to score along those three sets of pencil marks
    Step 3: Score the basex2 and top folds with bone folder.
  5. Fold along the three score marks
    Step 4: Fold all the folds
  6. Form the base of the tent by interlacing the two notches
    Step 5: Complete base by sliding either side into the slit
  7. Done!
    How To: Table Tents Tutorial!

Success: Blueberry Cheesecake Galette

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Blueberry Cheesecake Galette

Not too sweet, and perfect with a great deal of fruit (I used 1+ cups macerated blueberries), this Blackberry Cheesecake Galette from SmittenKitchen is faaaaaantastic. Next time, I think I'd crush the berries a bit more instead of just slicing in half. And maybe also poke some of the berries down into the cheesecake batter a bit more. Otherwise, this is a super easy way to make a cheesecake.

A slice of Blueberry Cheesecake Galette
Blueberry Cheesecake Galette

Sewing Black Out Curtains

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Black Out Curtains

And that, my lovelies, is black out curtains. Custom-made in the same fabric as the bathroom curtains, because this place is so beige. Notice how the light actually shines through the seams in that curtain, it's pretty funny.

There's also a layer of two black out curtains behind the blinds, but I made those without any beige front material, as they'll stay hidden back there. We've determined with the decrease in morning sunlight, that this is definitely a success. No more jet lag wake up problems due to light!

Black Out Curtains - Back side (with blackout fabric)
Black Out Curtains - Front side

Blue Apron: Week 38

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sweet Corn & Tinkerbell Pepper Pizza with Fontina Cheese & Baby Kale
The Sweet Corn & Tinkerbell Pepper Pizza with Fontina Cheese & Baby Kale wins this week's top spot. The dressed baby kale on top was a really lovely touch. If it's a pizza week, you know it's a rather average Blue Apron week...

Lemon Chicken & Green Beans with Parmesan-Roasted Summer Squash & Potatoes
The Lemon Chicken & Green Beans with Parmesan-Roasted Summer Squash & Potatoes was also really solid this week, although I don't care too much for the fussiness of placing clumps of garlic and cheese onto zucchini slices. Any of Blue Apron's skin-on chicken is always good!

Serrano Pepper & Goat Cheese Burgers with Zucchini-Cilantro Slaw
A better-than-average-Blue-Apron burger, this Serrano Pepper & Goat Cheese Burgers with Zucchini-Cilantro Slaw was quite good. But it's still a homemade burger. I really don't know why I spend the time on such things. Unless it's a BBQ.

Success: Strawberry Vanilla Jam

Friday, September 16, 2016

Small Batch Strawberry Vanilla Jam

An oldie but a goodie, this is Marisa McClellan's small batch strawberry vanilla jam, and just like the last time I made it I ended up with two half pints instead of three. This time I combined the small batch vanilla strawberry jam recipe with the small batch strawberry thyme recipe, meaning I basically followed the vanilla strawberry recipe, but I replaced half the sugar with a half cup of honey, dropped the lemon zest, and put a whole lemon's worth of juice in at the beginning of the cooking. 'Mostly had to do with the sweetener swap.

'Hopefully it's a little less firm than my last batch. Although considering the yield, I suspect not. I'll figure strawberries out one of these days!

Small Batch Strawberry Vanilla Jam
Small Batch Strawberry Vanilla Jam
Small Batch Strawberry Vanilla Jam
Small Batch Strawberry Vanilla Jam

Holga Film

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Arlington, The American Dream City

On my epic month-long New Jersey-New York-Michigan-Texas journey, I brought along my Holga toy camera, and 3 rolls of film that expired in 2012 (originally purchased for our 2011 Yosemite trip). Along with those three, I also had a mystery already exposed roll developed, and it turned out to be more photos of the Yosemite trip, but in black & white!

I think I'm mostly just interested in the double exposures, which I still clearly cannot figure out. But it's fun to try, because sometimes you get something really unique.

I use TheDarkRoom mail-in developing service for my film. They're priced pretty well, and seem to adapt to my wonky expired film and/or terrible double exposures and/or awful underexposures pretty well. I mean, you'd want nothing but the best dark room to touch these mini masterpieces, right?!

Michigan Union
Stanford Main Quad
Main Quad Flowers
Arlington July 4th Parade
Hiking Minnewaska State Park
Grounds for Sculpture
New Paltz Peace Mural
Austin, TX
Austin, TX
Movie Theater
Camping at Manchester State Park

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