How To: Renter's Fabric Backsplash

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kitchen, to the left
My kitchen currently

There's been much fuss over recreating the fabric backsplashes found in Ikea catalogs. But mounting plexiglass to a wall is not an option for us renters. Here's my cheap fix for imitating this effect.

In hindsight, I should have been more careful folding & hanging, so I'll remember it for next time.

My kitchen under the previous renter.

Step 0: Materials
Fabric, enough to cover the desired wall space, with some left over for folding the edges back
Vinyl, enough to cover the desired wall space, with some left over for folding the edges back
Wire Nails
Scissors, Hammer, Stapler, etc.

Step 1: Place vinyl on floor (or wide open space)

Step 2: Center fabric over vinyl, and place right-side down

Step 3: Fold edges of fabric to the correct dimensions of the wall
(probably a little bigger, if you can hide the edges behind counters or cabinets)

Step 4: Fold edges of vinyl over edges of fabric, to exact dimensions of the fabric

Step 5: Staple the vinyl + fabric to each other, to hold in place
(you only need two or three staples)

Step 6: Place vinyl+fabric onto wall, using wire nails at the top most point. You don't want the nails to be obvious.

Step 7: Done!
Kitchen, to the left


Kris said...

Very cool!

h said...

Thanks, Kris. It's already been 1.5 years, and the vinyl+fabric is holding up really well. It's really great for adding pops of color to rental kitchens.

Gina2814 said...

Would this work behind a cooker, or would it melt? : )

Unknown said...

I'd love to know if this would work/be safe behind a stove top too. ^_^

Anonymous said...

where can i get that kind of vinyl? is it the self adhesive one?

Unknown said...

You can find the clear vinyl at a arts and crafts store it's near the isles with the large plastic patterned stuff on rolls just like the large fabric is

h said...

Amber's right, Anonymous. I bought this clear vinyl at a JoAnn Fabrics, so most large fabric stores should carry it. It comes on a large roll, somewhere near the home dec & utility fabrics. It is not self-adhesive, but you could possibly try that stuff?

av無碼性愛 said...


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