Adobe Photoshop Content-Aware Fill

Friday, April 2, 2010

I am so excited about Adobe Photoshop's new "content-aware fill" feature, I might actually update from my old (circa 2003) Photoshop 7.0. The demo video is pretty awesome:

But seriously, features like this will make it so much easier for me to Photochop people obstructing my photos, like the corrected ones below. Can you see where I remove people?
Evil Eye Tree
The Greek Flag in front of the Isle of Chalki

That's some careful usage of the clone stamping tool and they still need more, lol. Content Aware Fill will make that process take, like, 30 seconds (if we're lucky).


Lindsay Road said...

That is amazing! I even amazed my fiance with that demo. He has to do so much retouching for photos with wedding photography, and so many pictures are ruined by something small. Is it in CS5?

iris said...

The MacRumors post says, "While Adobe has been careful to specify only that the technology is set for inclusion in "a future version" of Photoshop, we have been told to expect it to make an appearance in the next version scheduled for introduction as part of Creative Suite 5 on April 12th."

So who knows. It might be coming out soon.

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