A Fabric Valentine's Day Card

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

While my past years' Valentine's Day cards have been linoleum block printed, my linoleum has expired and I've looked to other resources for inspiration.

Behold, this year's Valentine's Day cards:

Sewn Valentines Day Cards

Heart Ornament Valentine's Day Cards
If you want to create your own version, it's pretty simple. These take about ~5 minutes each to make, depending on how endearing you find the "homemade" look ;)
  1. Print & cut out the below paper heart template (make sure it's the size you want).
  2. Choose your front, decorative fabric (a cotton calico) then use the paper pattern to cut a heart from the fabric with pinking shears.
  3. Choose a solid, middle fabric (a cotton calico) and using the paper template, cut a heart from the fabric 1/4 inch larger than the previous heart.
  4. Choose a solid, middle fabric (a craft felt) and using the paper template, cut a heart from the fabric 1/4 inch larger than the previous heart (or 1/2 inch larger than the smallest heart.
  5. Cut a small strip of the felt to serve as the ornament hanger.
  6. Stack the fabric, with the smallest on the top, largest on the bottom. Be sure to put the ornament-strip folded in half at the very bottom of the pile.
  7. Sew these 4 layers together using a 1/4" inseam width.
  8. Attach the ornament to a piece of cardstock with some embroidery thread. Use only one stitch, so the recipient can remove it from the paper if desired.
  9. Write your message and you're done!
Note: Alternatively, you could get lazy, skip the ornament hanger and just sew the stacked fabrics directly to the paper (i.e., skip step 5 and combine steps 7 & 8 into one).

Note to self: work on atrocious handwriting. Man.

Sewn Valentines Day Cards Sewn Valentines Day Cards


rainmelon said...

Super cute. Oh, the wonders of a having a sewing machine! =)

h said...

Dude man, you don't even know.

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