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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Travel To: La Clusaz

I have some exotic places to travel to this spring/summer, for work. I'm one part excited, two parts anxious (ahhhh, the logistics!).

Travel To: Hong Kong


Allison said...

Awesome awesome!
Don't get high altitude sickness in the mountains like I did in December. Not. Fun.
Where did you get those pictures to represent the cities you're going to? They're awesome.

h said...

I don't generally have altitude issues, or I didn't when I was driving around Colorado last summer :)

The images were based on photos I found on the Internet (google image searching 'La Clusaz' and 'Hong Kong'), and then I trace over them in Illustrator. It's pretty much how I do all my drawings. Maybe someday I'll do a tutorial.

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