Hiking: Settlers Cabin Park

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Settlers Cabin Park Waterfall

A friend and I took a short hike around Settlers Cabin Park, right across from Settlers Ridge, 20 minutes outside of the city. Although, the trails can be tricky to find, so I highly recommend printing out their maps and trailhead directions in advance.

We caught the blue loop at the Tomahawk shelter, and walked in the direction that has you hoof across the parking lot and Teepee Road. From the blue loop, we ate lunch (purchased at the nearby Giant Eagle Settlers Ridge), and eventually caught the green loop. Had we gone in the opposite direction, we would've been met with a rather rude trail descent, which I much prefer to approach from an ascending direction. Falling down hurts, but falling up? Not so much. This is good, because I slid and fell directly on my tail bone when attempting to approach the above photographed waterfall. I would have been in no shape to handle another slippery steep descent.

Next time, I might take the blue loop to the green loop, to the purple loop, and back again! Each loop is only about 2 miles and they're not terribly intense, tail bone injuries notwithstanding.

Settlers Cabin Park, water-logged
Too Darn Steep
Settlers Cabin Park Loop Trails
Settlers Cabin Park


My Garden Diaries said...

What a gorgeous place to hike! It is so nice to remove yourself and get into nature like this! Wishing you a great week! Nicole xoxo

Stephanie said...

Oh my! How beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful time!

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