Pitting Cherries

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pitting Cherries: Cause

Despite having purchased 8lbs of cherries during Whole Foods' cherry sale earlier in July, I did not want to spend $10+ on a cherry pitter. The Internet suggested I use a large paperclip to dig the pits out, or a metal cake-icing tip. J suggested I pit cherries with my mouth, which is likely both the tastiest and the messiest option. I went with a metal cake-icing tip, and found that a small paring knife cut in the bottom of some of the tougher cherries helped to reduce the splatter.

However, I still ended up with cuticles stained the color of dried blood. Dried cherry blood, that is.

Pitting Cherries: Effect


My Garden Diaries said...

Now that is a great strategy friend! I don't have a pitter either....what are you doing with all of these???

rooth said...

I also stubbornly refuse to buy a cherry pitter and may end up with hands just like yours

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