Success: Pickled Brussels Sprout Halves

Friday, September 5, 2014

Pickled Brussels Sprouts

I've been making great use of my 'Food in Jars' book by Marisa McClellan, for those of you who haven't been following along. In one frenzied 90 degree evening, I put up 9 pints of her dilly beans (totally delicious) and 5 pints of these pickled brussels sprouts.

Although, a note about the online pickled brussels sprouts recipe it varies significantly from the book version, everything from the quantity of sprouts (doubled!), the vinegar (white), mustard seed & bay leaves(coriander/cumin/celery), and quantity of garlic cloves. I'm sure the online recipe is quite lovely, too, I'll be sure and try that next time.

Just a note about the pickling process with these, I found that 'sprouts have a tendency to either hide lots of air bubbles, or absorb the brine super fast, so it might be savvy to be aggressive with air bubble elimination and leave a 1/4" headspace instead of 1/2". The liquid levels have a tendency to lower about 0.5-1 inch!

Pickled Brussels Sprouts
Pickled Brussels Sprouts

[Edit 11/30/14: These pickled brussels sprouts are great just as they are. Not *quite* as tasty as dilly beans, but a close second. Will make again.]


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