Success: Spinach Sheet Pan Quiche [omg]

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Spinach Sheet Pan Quiche

This is far too much quiche for one person.
Thankfully, J is back from Korea. And there's always the Dizz. She's a real spinach and pie crust lover, lol.

SmittenKitchen's Spinach Sheet Pan Quiche is pretty darn easy (if you purchase the pie crusts from the refrigerator section), fantastically delicious, and absolutely busting at the seams with spinach. It is really quite tasty.


Spinach Sheet Pan Quiche
Spinach Sheet Pan Quiche

I've already made this twice. So. It's a keeper.


NicholasBurkhart said...

Amanda and I rock this quiche every other week for the last three years. Amazing.

h said...

YASSS. It's so good. I've just made it a third time!

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