Road Trip 2.0: Tennessee

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Approaching the Bass Pro Shops in the Pyramid
When planning a road trip, J gravitates toward the roadside attractions...which is how one ends up at the Bass Pro Shop housed in a former basketball arena shaped like a pyramid, rather than focusing on moar barbecue or the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis.

Giant Bass Pro Shop in former arena
Civil Rights Museum

Memphis was just a lunch stop on our way to Nashville. Honky Tonks at night, and fantastic food, the Nashville Parthenon, kayaking and distilleries during the day. We took a 2 hour kayaking trip down the Cumberland, and got absolutely poured on the last 30 minutes of our boating trip. Thankfully, kayaking means you're prepared to get wet, so we had a change of clothes before going to brunch with my brother & his wife.

Nashville Broadway Honky Tonks
Nashville Broadway Honky Tonks
Kayakking the Cumberland River
Kayakking the Cumberland River
Nashville Parthenon

We also squeezed in a tour to Nelson's Greenbriar Distillery which has quite the story about how descendants are picking up their great-great-great-whatever grandfather's business and releasing their first aged Tennessee whiskey this year.

Nelson's Greenbrier Distillery
Nelson's Greenbrier Distillery Distillery Tasting
Nashville from Afar


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