Drying Basil

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A follow-up to the post where I document drying flowers - I actually more often am drying fresh herbs. Plants like basil and rosemary are a little happier if you relieve them of some of the weight of their leaves from time-to-time and after taking home 3 basil centerpieces from a summer wedding, I ended up with quite the basil farm.

Basil is best fresh, but if you have too much, drying them in whole leaves and crumbling just before use is a fine second option.

1. Pluck basil leaves.
2. Rubber band in bundles, place paperclip hook
3. Hang in cool, dry space
4. Wait a couple weeks until dry, toss out the yellow-y leaves
5. Place in airtight container, whole.


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