Peony Season

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

White Peonies Bloomed!
June 8 the white peonies bloomed, and we've been overflowing in heavily weighted herbaceous peony blossoms ever since! June 10 the pink peonies made their appearance. The pink ones are mostly out of fresh blooms by June 23. White peonies are still going.

Peony arrangement
They make great cut flowers. Just one or two and you have a lovely arrangement. I keep cutting the ones touching the ground and bringing them to people at the office to enjoy. Next year I have to look into pruning them so that maybe so many blooms aren't keeled over on the ground!

White Peonies are too heavy!

I know if I trim the terminal bud off, I'll get more, smaller buds and if I trim off the off-shoots before the terminal bud, I'll get even larger terminal-end flowers. But these things are HUGE even with the smaller offshoots.

Pink Peony Arrangement

They really don't take any work, just cutting off the dead stems in the fall. They get mulched by the evergreens around them, and they come back beautifully.
Pink Peonies Bloomed!


rooth said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL! My rose bush has been flowering since February and we've had to prune it back twice already in the last 8 months. Is that normal???

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