Copper Tape to Keep Snails Out of the Garden

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Applying Copper Tape to Raised Beds
We had a horrendous snail infestation last year, but no problems in my garden. Why? Copper tape around the raised beds. Not a single snail in there!

Basically, you clean the area with water and rubbing alcohol. Once it's dry, you peel back a bit of the copper tape backing and apply, only removing a few inches of backing at a time. Smooth as you go and try to go straight (I followed the edge of the wood plank). The copper tape is very delicate, but if you go slowly it should work out alright.
Applying Copper Tape to Raised Beds
Kale in the Garden
Applying Copper Tape to Raised Beds
You can clean it off year after year and it'll become shiny again, although the adhesive might give out at some point. Just reapply!


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