Happy Bee Day

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Bees enjoying their new homes
That is indeed what you think it is. A pretty time-consuming pandemic hobby. Driving 20,000 bees home in your car is perhaps not for everyone. But it does give you something to do.
Smoker through the electric fence
That is, until you put the bees into their new home, and then there's not all that much to do most of the time.
Beehive Frames
But the preparation, so much work. J's work. J's hobby, I'm just here to wood chip the sticks that fall off the trees.
Making Wood Chips Applying Wax to the Frame Foundations Building the Frame Constructing the Hive Boxes Painting the Supers Beeboxes, Feeders still need to be painted Placing the Wood Chips 20,000 bees in a box! Burlap for the smoker Purple beehive with bee waterer
We just got some wood chips to fill out the rest of the bee area, and fill in some of the holes. It's looking pretty snazzy.


rooth said...

Amazing! Can't wait to see your honey harvest

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