Early Sprouting Garlic

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Fall-planted garlic making its appearance
October 28, 2020
Last year I must've planted the garlic a little later, or we didn't get as many late season warm stretches, but this year I've got garlic popping up in autumn already!
Planting Garlic - A clove every 6" into a 2" trough

About 4 heads' worth of hardneck Chesnok red planted October 11, 2020 and one head of Caifornia Early in one of the low tunnels.

Prepping the Open Garden for Winter

The little baby garlics are growing up, even through some snow. Shouldn't be a problem, alliums are good with snow for the most part.

Garlic growing through the snow

There's gonna be a looooooot of garlic next year. Each clove becomes a new bulb!

Planting Garlic - Breaking up the bulb and picking the largest cloves (~4 Chesnok Red Garlic Bulbs)
And even some onions, even though I planted them 1.5 years ago...Who knows.
Onions from 1.5 years ago...


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