Success: Chocolate Pudding

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Chocolate Pudding from Scratch

J mentioned wanting a chocolate pudding cup one night...and the next day I ended up making SmittenKitchen's Best Chocolate Pudding. The ingredients are basic and you probably have them all on hand already. Just milk, sugar, cornstarch, chocolate...Ready to make chocolate pudding at the drop of a hat! I'm not sure why mine came out considerably lighter in color than SmittenKitchen's. Perhaps it was swapping 2c heavy cream + 1c 2% milk for the 3c whole milk? That little swap definitely made some rich, mousse-like pudding. Maybe next time I'll actually do a mousse instead.

Chocolate Pudding from Scratch

I used semi-sweet cholate mini-morsels, and did a little more than 1/3c sugar as suggested in the recipe notes. Very tasty, particularly if you like semi-sweet morsels...

And this below, is normally how I serve it...but there's not much about pudding from this angle, lol:

Chocolate Pudding from Scratch


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