Madison: Eagle Heights Community Gardens

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Lay of the land

If you've been following along, you might've noticed a theme for the Madison trip. And that theme is how many gardens can I see? Mostly because it's a pandemic, and I don't want to spend copious time indoors. But also, because I like gardens.

Eagle Heights Community Garden Delphinium

This one is Eagle Heights Community Gardens. It's HUGE. And the community garden plots are pretty decently sized, too (for an American community garden, anyways).

Lotsa Veggies
Squash Growing
Flower Patch
Ruby Swiss Chard

With so many people's plots, I think there's someone growing at least one of everything. Lotsa vegetables, flowers. Tons of sunflowers, berry bushes, zinnias. I saw one plot that was entirely raspberry bushes!

Double Click cosmos
Zinnias Queen Lime Red Zinnia

I will say, it got me rather excited to come home and see my zinnias which hadn't yet bloomed when we left for Wisconsin.


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