How To: Make a Chandelier Tabletop Lamp

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ikea Hacker is a great inspiration of mine and recently I've been playing with turning a RIMFROST chandelier lamp shade into a table top lamp (instead of a ceiling lamp, for those renters out there). So, here it is on Ikea Hacker.


A cheap Ikea lamp shade
RIMFROST chandelier lamp shade
An Ikea lamp in a size that would look good with the chandelier lamp shade
Wire, Scissors...

Step 1: Destroy Cheap Lampshade

Basically, remove the paper from the paper lamp shade. We're just interested in the structural part of the shade.

Step 2: Combine Shades
Remove the RIMFROST from its packaging and simply place on top of the wire-structure from the previous step.

Step 3: Secure Shades

Just wire the two lamp shades together until you feel they're secure. You might need to screw an extra circular black piece that comes with the lamp. It helps keep things from wobbling.

Step 4: Done!

Stick an Ikea-approved light bulb in there, and turn it on!!


Liv said...


I've been planning to go to IKEA this weekend for some picture frames, and now I'm adding this to my list. I'm putting them in my living room to replace super ugly torchieres that I've had since college.


h said...

The last time I went to my local Ikea, they no longer had the Rimfrost chandelier. Maybe they had just run out.

Alternatively, you could make hybrid Ikea lamps with any assortment of their ceiling shades and floor lamps.

Liv said...

It does look like that chandelier isn't available anymore, but I'll see what else I can find. Also- I definitely recommend the Holga camera. It has been so fun to play with.

guitarrasara said...

looking good! might i suggest removing the sticker on the lamp base...?! hehehe otherwise it is perfect/

Miss B. said...

Really clever, a great transformation, I want to try this now too!

Tadalafil said...

I would like to more know about it. said...

Excellent! Another freakin' FANTASTIC post. Read of course by your number 1 FANtastic person :)

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