Pain-free Crochet Edging

Thursday, November 5, 2009

While working on some decorative projects for my office, I needed a border for the projects. There's lots of picot-based edgings, but they can get annoying. Here's a really simple picot-free crochet edging for your projects.

[Crochet] Picot-Free Border Edging

(Pattern also available as a .TXT file, here.)
(See this pattern on Ravelry, here.)

Difficulty: Easy
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver Worsted/Medium
Yardage: Depends on dimensions of item you're attaching the edging to
Hook: G /4.25mm
Gauge: I recommend using this hook+yarn, but if the edging is too "ruffle-y" then go up a size hook (or space out your stitches more) and if it's too "bubble-y" go down a size hook (or put the stitches closer together).

(You will need a completed project to put the edging on)
R1. Attach the yarn to your completed project with a sl st. *1sc in next st. 1dc in next st. ch3. 1dc in next st. 1sc in next st.* repeat from * until end. Join in first sc, and weave in ends.

Sometimes I have to space the stitches out more, like, giving each sc in its own stitch, but then putting the 2 dc (and 3ch) into the same st. Use whatever works for you and your project.

Key: I use the common crochet abbreviations here.
sl st: slip stitch
ch: chain the given number of chains
sc: single-crochet
dc: double-crochet the given number



Kris said...

Nice robots! I love that pattern.

h said...

I think my robots came out a little wonky, and I did some half-attempt at blocking that didn't help either. Oh well.

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