If I had a million dollars...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Anthropologie Reed Shirt Dress ($118) + Anthropologie Glimmer & Glint Necklace ($58) + Need Supply Maxine Studded Wedge ($153) + Karis Ring (£320) = 1 bajillion dollars

No, these items are not supposed to go together (well, maybe the dress and necklace). This is the if-I-had-a-million-dollars-to-spend-on-myself-and-it-wasn't-Christmas want-list.

etsy/marmas Secret Garden Print ($35) + etsy/chainchainchained Amethyst Geode Chain ($46) + ravelry 'A Little Ruffle' scarf + etsy/lemonadestandnyc's 9 French Macarons (sold out)

Maybe after Christmas...
[Edit 12/20: I'm terrible. A snow day made me stir crazy and I already bought the Secret Garden Print, the Amethyst Geode necklace, and the yarn for the ruffle scarf!]

[Edit 12/23: It gets worse. I now have the Anthropologie Reed Shirt Dress and the Anthropologie Glimmer & Glint Necklace in my possession. I think there's a few plastic parts in the necklace, not sure it was actually worth $58. BUT it is gorgeous.]


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