Success: Fig & Goat Cheese Swirl Ice Cream

Friday, April 30, 2010

How To: Fig & Goat Cheese Swirl Ice Cream

Awhile back, I mentioned a cheese-centric Iron Chef themed potluck I attended. I also happened to bring a friend who brought homemade fig & goat cheese swirl ice cream from a Mike's Table recipe. Inspired by the cognac fig and goat cheese ice cream from Jeni's in Columbus, Ohio, this stuff was pretty amazing. When I say pretty amazing, I mean I couldn't stop saying "Oh man" repeatedly, the entire time I was eating the ice cream.

The recipe for homemade fig & goat cheese swirl ice cream is a close approximation. There's slightly more detailed step-by-step instructions at my flickr account, but the original instructions also have photos. It's fairly simple, just be sure you slowly temper the beat eggs into the hot custard mixture. Additionally, the recipe calls for fresh figs, but we used [7oz] dried figs, along with some alterations to the sugar/water which is listed on the first photo.
Step 7: Swirl Two Ice Cream Flavors Before Freezing Step 5: Set Aside and Churn Fig Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Cream All the Homemades: Strawberry, Cookie Dough, Fig & Goat Cheese Swirl

We also made some other ice cream the next day: cookie dough (without the chunks) and strawberry ice creams.


Anonymous said...

Wish you could mail ice cream!

Thanks for sharing!

iris said...

Ah, but you can mail ice cream!

Jeni's cognac fig+goat cheese ice cream was the inspiration for this post, you can order from their website:

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