This Happened: Fate and a Camera

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Old Port of Mykonos

Last June, I was in the Greek Islands (for work!). Halfway through my trip, I was sitting on a beach in Santorini at 9am, just before having to leave to catch a ferry to the next island. I laid my towel down on the empty beach and dug my feet into the sand, only to find an abandoned digital camera. I flipped through the photos, I could identify Turkey as well as the very beach I was sitting on. Running short on time, I delivered the lost camera to the scuba dive shop located directly behind me, and headed to the harbor.

After a day and night on Mykonos, wandering about the town, there was someone new checking into the room next to me. He was asking about things to do in town, things I had already stumbled upon. I offered to show him around and we had dinner. As a conversation topic, I mentioned the digital camera that I had found. He looked at me, surprised, "Whose digital camera?!" Earlier in his trip he had traveled to Turkey to visit family, and ended up on that same Santorini beach, where he lost his camera (and more importantly, the photos on the memory card).

Despite numerous phone calls to the dive shop, who repeatedly insisted that I was lying and that none of their employees would ever steal, his second camera search yielded nothing but a good story.

I'm not sure how two people end up at the same stretch of a smaller beach, and then a day and a half later check-into the same hotel on another island 2 hours away. Do you believe in kismet?
Paradise Beach


Lindsay Road said...

We went to Greece like three years ago! It was lovely, even though we went in February, and it was a bit cold...

Nice story by the way...

iris said...

Ah, I bet in February you avoided all the tourist crowds. I bet it was wonderful!

I *loved* Greece, and had a great deal of fun while traveling around by myself. This was just the more unbelievable of events that happened.

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