Success: Baked Falafel

Monday, May 17, 2010

Baked Falafel from Chow Vegan

To celebrate the beginning of summer, I had a friend over (aka 'Madeleine Clark') and we tried out Chow Vegan's recipe for baked falafel. I may've drained the canned chickpeas too long, for the falafel mixture ended up being a bit too dry to stick together well. I tried the recipe a second time with the food processor (instead of fork-mashing), and added some extra cumin. The mixture came out a bit mushy, but it worked anyways.

Both methods were really simple and really good, especially with some hummus and cucumber slices.
Baked Falafel from Chow Vegan


Alli said...

Ooh nice! I bet baking is a good bit better for you than frying too. I wonder if I used more parsley than you? Ours had a defining green like to them. Which method did you prefer?

iris said...

I used the food processor the second time I made these, and they came out a lot greener. So maybe the lack of green is due to that?

I prefer baking the falafel because (1) they're healthier and (2) the clean up is so.much.easier.

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