This Happened: Underage Molester of Minors

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Feet at the Beach

Underage Molester of Minors (aka "The Child Molester")
I had a brief flashback yesterday, back to 2003 at the Jersey shore with my friends from high school. There were three of us, 17 years old or so, swimming in the ocean. Every time a wave hit, some random ~12 year old boy would be pushed into us with the force of the water. At first we thought it was an accident, then we realized his hands were brushing over our legs each time. So, G accidentally smacked our underage molester with the next wave, and with the surprise he swallowed a good mouthful of salt water.

Retribution can be hilarious.


Gigi said...

Taking out the trash since 2003

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