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Friday, May 21, 2010

Tulip Skirt Sewn from Wikstenmade's Stitch Winter 2008

Button- and tie- front skirts have been showing up everywhere (including Steven Alan), and I jumped on the bandwagon. This skirt was sewn from the pattern by Jenny Gordy of Wikstenmade in the Winter 2008 issue of Stitch Magazine.

Be sure to check out the list of pattern errors beforehand! (Something I did not do...)
Tulip Skirt Sewn from Wikstenmade's Stitch Winter 2008

The color in the photos is far lovelier than the skirt's color in person (think a pale marigold with a sort of pea green added in), but it's slowly growing on me. The pattern is fairly simple to follow, once you figure out how to cut the pieces out. It's been a very long time since I've made something from a pattern, but I was able to succeed with relatively few major errors.

It's handy to keep in mind that the skirt sits on the natural waist, but modifying it to land at the hip would not be overly difficult (go up a size, then make the front/back/placket pieces shorter). I've also seen a few versions in the wikstenmade flickr pool of the skirt with buttons at the top instead of the hook/eye and tie closure.
Tulip Skirt Sewn from Wikstenmade's Stitch Winter 2008

I don't trust my sewing machine from the 70s' ability to make button holes ( I tried ~10x and was still having difficulty), so I followed Cal Patch's tutorial for sewing a buttonhole by hand. I think this method worked out okay, but I recommend practicing a few times before doing it on the real garment.


Lindsay Road said...

That's funny, was just thinking about making a skirt like that. I just have to find some fabric I like (it's hard around here - we only have JoAnn's...ick.

iris said...

The fabric/buttons from this skirt actually came from JoAnn's. For basic fabrics (like this linen blend), I think JoAnn's is okay.

But the internet is meant for fancier things?

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