How To: Simple Pendant Necklace

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Simple Pendant Necklace

While browsing etsy for a gold-toned loooong pendant necklace, I realized that to get what I *really* was looking for, I just had to search for 'supplies' and my pendant would be both exactly what I wanted, and a bit cheaper! This project takes approximately 5 minutes to complete, and should be fairly simple, although you can add on items and make it more complicated if desired.

I was a bit goofy and accomplished this necklace without a clasp, but it would be really simple to make a shorted necklace with a clasp.

I bought the 'Filigreed Hand of Fatima Pendant, Gold Plated' from etsy/LustrousThings and the 'A005-G // Gold Plated Textured Diamond Chain, 1M' came from etsy/JewelerismInc.

Step 0: Gather Materials
Step 0: Materials

(1) Wire Cutters, (2) Length of Chain ([longer than or] desired length), (3) Flat-Jawed Needle Nose Pliers (Serrated-jawed Pliers may work here as well), and (4) Jewelry Charm.

Step 1: Cut First Chain Link
Step 1: Cut First Chain Link

Using the wire cutters, cut the first chain link (I made sure the end link was a larger one, but you may have links that are all the same sized, it doesn't matter much). Put this cut link aside, you'll need it later to attach the charm.

Step 2: Cut the Chain Your Desired Length
Step 2: Cut the Chain Your Desired Length

Cut the chain with the wire cutters, so that it will create a necklace of the desired length. I simply held the chain together and looked in the mirror to see where I should cut. Only remove the unwanted chain, keep the cut chain link "attached."

Step 3: Attach Ends of Chain Together
Step 3: Attach Ends of Chain Together

Loop the other end of the chain onto the cut link, as shown. This will make the chain into a continuous loop. Using the flat-jawed pliers, press the ends of the cut link back together, with a little overlap for security.

(Optional: If you're making a shorter necklace with a clasp, attach the clasp to the cut chain link in this step, instead of connecting the chain ends).

Step 4: Attach Charm to Middle of Chain
Step 4: Attach Charm to Middle of Chain

Using the first chain link that you cut and put away in Step 1, loop the chain link into the chain, and then loop the necklace charm onto the cut chain link, as shown.

Press the ends of the cut chain link together using your flat-jawed needle-nosed pliers.

(Optional: If you want the charm to be able to move along the chain, you will need to acquire a 'jump ring' that is larger than the chain. Simply replace the cut chain link with a jump ring, attach the charm to it in the same way described above, but instead of attaching the jump ring to a single link of chain, loop the jump ring over the entire link.)

Step 5: Try It On and You're Done!
Completed Pendant Necklace

The perfect length with the perfect charm, and it only cost $10.

If you need to change the length of the chain, I highly recommend doing it through the already cut chain link that connects the chains, but remember, this link can only be bent so many times before breaking.


Jammer said...

So cool! I have a couple of pendants that I need to turn into something, so this is a very helpful post :)

iris said...

This tutorial is really just me being cheap (i.e., not buying clasps or gold jump rings), but it's easy to convert it into a chain with clasp so that you can swap out various charms (with jump rings).

Divya N said...

illustrated GOD you are so patient!! you should post some illustrator tutorials as well

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