Gemstone Gift in the Mail

Friday, June 11, 2010

Aquamarine Gemstone without Setting

You guys. My little sister works at a jewelry shop, and sent this tiny gift along to me in the mail. I now own an aquamarine gemstone without a setting, and need to come up with a crafty plan for it. It's oval shaped with a round (not flat) back. I've never worked with such a stone before.

What would you create with it?...or rather, how would you turn it into something wearable? (I'm mostly concerned with attaching it.)


Jenny said...

I see it as a lovely new ring with perhaps a couple of diamonds to accompany it?

Jammer said...

Oh it's gorgeous! I would just make it into a simple drop necklace :)

iris said...

Thanks guys! I really love the little rock too. It's new for me to create my own setting.

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