South Canyon Hot Springs near Glenwood Springs, CO

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In the South Canyon Hot Springs (Colorado)

Nestled away from street view with an unmarked dirt parking lot 5 miles West of touristy Glenwood Springs in Colorado, are two naturally occurring hot springs known as the South Canyon Hot Springs. They're not publicized much on the Internet, possibly due to the springs' reputation as a daytime respite for nude hippies, and a nighttime cruising spot...but if you can handle nudists in the daytime, then you'll be fine ;)
In the South Canyon Hot Springs (Colorado) The Second South Canyon Hot Spring

Above are photos of the two hot springs. Their color, temperature, and consistency vary on a regular basis. The second spring was too hot to soak in, so we stuck with the first one. It was also very hot, so be sure to check the temperature before you enter, and don't spend too long in the hot water! The South Canyon hot springs are free, relatively empty, small, and unchlorinated (unlike the official Glenwood Hot Springs pool which costs just under $20).
Trail to South Canyon Hot Springs (Colorado) South Canyon Hot Springs Parking from the Springs

Directions. Simply take the 'South Canyon' exit off of I-70, West of Glenwood Springs, CO. Drive down a dirt road towards the South Canyon landfill. Cross a bridge over the river, and 0.5 miles later, there will be a small, dirt parking lot on the right. You'll have to walk down a small path through the trees, until you reach a clearing. There, the trail goes up and over a little hill where the two hot pots are located (shown in the photos above). If you smell sulfur, you know you're at the right spot. You will not be able to see the springs from the road, unless you drive past the parking lot and crane your neck backwards.


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