Heat Wave

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Definition of Summer

We're experiencing a bit of a heat wave in Pittsburgh this week. These chocolate chips were barely spared from the oven that is my apartment.
Definition of Summer


Punctuation Mark said...

Miami has been really hot for over a month already and we still have another 3 more to go... have a nice weekend!

iris said...

Yeah, summer can be rough in other states. I think it's the worst when these heat/cold waves come and no one is prepared. Sort of like how 3 inches of snow in Seattle causes more panic than 6 inches in Minnesota.

Lasso the Moon said...

Looks like sculpture!

Jammer said...

hahaha isn't it crazy how hot it's been?! It just goes from comfortable/rainy to blazing hot here overnight lol.

iris said...

Anna- I think if we enlarged my chocolate chips and stuck them on an art museum lawn, no one would think twice, heh.

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