Online Window Shopping = Procrastination

Monday, July 12, 2010

I think I have a bad procrastination problem, and at the moment, it centers around online window shopping (i.e., looking but not buying...sometimes).

Traced Twirls Dress

The Traced Twirls Anthropologie dress in the above image is what's wasting all my time right now. It would be nice to bring a pop of color in with a flower clip or two, but I would probably just make my own flower hair clip from some favorite fabric. I also threw in the leather bow necklace from this tutorial, along with a bunch of other items I already own. The possibilities are endless and this "no more personal spending" July is going to kill me (thankfully, the impulse-purchasing-gods have removed the teal dress off the shelves, for my own safety).

I tried the Traced Twirls dress on in the store (in black) and the fit is very flattering and reminiscent of the vintage dress from "500 Days of Summer" pictured above. The retro cut is quite lovely and it would work perfect for attending a wedding, or a local fundraiser, or just lazing about the living room watching television and gorging on ice cream.


Lindsay Road said...

I love that dress also. The picture of it on the front page of the anthropologie website is gorgeous...

iris said...

Too bad they sold out of the blue before it could even go on sale!

Jammer said...

I love that dress! And, I really need to see 500 days of summer asap!

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